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04 Aug. 2021 First Semester: ARAB1023. Introduction to Ancient Egypt
04 Aug. 2021 Second Semester 2021-22: ARAB1024. Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Language (Hieroglyphs)
28 Jun. 2021 Summer Semester: ARAB1021. Introduction to Arabic Culture
14 Sep-14 Oct 2020 Faces and Places from The Arab World Photo Exhibition
23 July 2020 New Elective Course: ARAB1022 - Ancient Near East: An introduction
23 July 2020 New Elective Course: ARAB1021 - Introduction to Arabic culture
28 May 2020 Photography competition: Faces and Places from The Arab World
22 May 2020 Arabic Programme welcomes the returning students to study at Chi Wah Learning Commons
21 May 2020 Summer Course: ARAB1001. ARABIC 1.1
4 Feb. 2020 101 traditional Arabic breakfast served with mint tea
17 Jan. 2020 New course for General Public: GP1101-1 Beginners Arabic I
12 Nov. 2019 [Cancellation] Dance Workshop: Arabic Oriental Belly Dance Workshop
7 Nov. 2019 Arabic Programme Booth - Come and have a taste of Arabia
17 April 2019 Talk: The Learning and Teaching of Arabic in a Changing World
24 April 2015 Seminar: Teaching and Learning Arabic in the 21st century: Shifting paradigms




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