Arabic Programme SMLC HKU School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU


The objective of the Arabic Minor programme is to provide students with a good command of the four different language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. An Arabic minor will also allow students to gain a deeper insight into the contemporary life and culture of the respective Arabic country.

Arabic language combines well with all major programmes offered within the Arts Faculty and it also provides students with additional opportunities to further studies overseas.

BA Syllabus

Learning Outcomes
Students who have completed a BA programme in Arabic should be able to:

Pursue a life-long interest in the Arabic language and culture as well as in the Arabic-speaking world
Demonstrate understanding of the process of language learning.
Express their opinions in spoken and written form.
Critically appraise my own views and beliefs by gaining a better understanding of the Arabic language and culture
Demonstrate an appreciation of the social and cultural environment of the Middle East and other Arab-speaking countries
Enhance through the study of Arabic language and culture understanding of their own and others’ cultures
Demonstrate an awareness of similarities and differences between home and Arab cultures
Demonstrate the ability to understand and converse with Arabic-language users
Communicate their ideas effectively
Use knowledge of Arabic language and culture to play a leadership role in global interactions related to the Arab-speaking world
Arabic Programme